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Selection Criteria

Our criteria may change based on our focus and theme. Generally speaking, our investors are seeking seed and early-stage companies and take the following areas into consideration:


1. Value Proposition – The value proposition has been validated by the market, with an identified customer, pain point, solution, and willingness to pay.


2. Tech Validation – The technology is demonstrably viable and can be commercialized, evidenced by the innovator’s ability to attract non-dilutive funding from key technology partners.


3. Market Opportunity and Competition – The company is proposing a solution that will have a competitive advantage in an accelerating market. 


4. Go-to-Market Strategy – The company has established or identified line-of-sight to their first beach head, with a defined revenue channel, specific customer profile, and pipeline to reach those customers. 


5. Intellectual Property – The company has a clear IP strategy and taken action to protect its core technological invention. 


6. Scale and Exit – The company has identified clear milestones to scale, that if achieved, will provide significant value back to investors. The applicant should be able to point to active acquirers in or adjacent to their space that need a solution such as that put forward by the company.


7. Valuation - The company has a realistic valuation that balances the future needs of the company against the future needs of the investors. A typical round might sell 15-25% of a companies’ equity depending on velocity and time to market, and use of funds should be tied to discrete milestones. Seed stage investors like to see a 10-30x return potential even in a “base case” exit scenario.


8. Management Team and Advisors – The founder and their preliminary team, and/or advisors possess the technical, business, and leadership skills required to reach key objectives and the next stage of growth. The company has a defined plan to fill gaps on the team.

If the above resonates with your company, please apply now! Need help with a capital raise strategy, check out our CTF Services

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