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CTF Services

We offer fee-based services in two formats: 

  • Raising Capital, Strategically – Consulting billed hourly on helping clients develop a fundraising strategy.

  • "Think Like an Investor" Innovator Program – A more comprehensive approach for those ready to commit the time required to raise capital. 

Raising Capital, Strategically

We help seed and early-stage startups develop a fundraising strategy focused on attracting active investors seeking to back impactful solutions.

  • Review valuation and advise company and company counsel on a fair and market-ready term sheet for your first investors.

  • Develop a systematic approach to tracking leads, developing an investor pipeline, and engaging with influential investors and partners.

  • Review pitch deck and deal room materials; advise on deal room structure and contents with all relevant documents about the company, technology, and the sector, while taking efforts to protect IP and sensitive information. 

  • Prepare companies for engaging in due diligence by ensuring their approach to competitive research, operating model, forecast methods, and financials reflect best-practices.

  • Work with research partner organizations to help companies use science-based models and tools to validate their company’s sustainability claims.

Not attracting the right investors? (And just attracting ones that just want to take your time...) Contact us to learn how we can help

Creative Office

"Think Like an Investor" 

Raising Capital Deep Dive

CleanTech Future is piloting a program intended to complement existing incubator programs by providing a market-focused perspective on raising capital.


Raising capital from private investors – in general – is a full-time job, one that usually doesn’t end after the first, second or third raise. It is especially challenging in the hard-tech and energy space where the timeline to commercialization and exits is typically longer. Seed stage investors are notorious for being cautious about investing in cleantech for this very reason.  


Our program is designed to help innovators develop a programmatic approach to raising capital, using repeatable processes that allows them to focus their time. Further, we can help innovators “think like an investor,” which will allow them to go through due diligence and engage with their investors more efficiently and effectively. 


The Innovator Program transpires over seven weeks, during which innovators prepare for due diligence and develop critical processes to manage investor relations, allowing them to begin fundraising throughout the program period.


All the while, CleanTech Future acts as their mentor and provides real-time feedback that investors are hesitant to give. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your startup or incubator. 

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