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Application Process

Our application and review process follows three steps over a period of 2-4 weeks. The intent of asking companies to go through these stages is to ensure they are appropriately match with active and interested investors versus a room full of hobbyists. 


1.  Applying: 

  • Complete the online submission form that covers the essential information we need to know about your company, its current stage and your capital needs. 

  •  Within a week a week we will begin to review your submission and may ask for additional information. 

  • If your company is not a good fit for our theme or current investment focus, we will ask your permission to share the information you provide us with a network partner who may be a better fit.


2.     Analysis and Preliminary Report:

  •  If your company is a good fit, our analysts will reach out for further information. We may require access to deal room documents and other information needed to help develop a more comprehensive view of both the company and the opportunity to investors.

  • We will develop a preliminary report of our findings and share it with your company for feedback before sharing it with our network.


3.     Company Selection and Pitch:

  • Final selections will be made by a review committee made up of CTF Capital Network partners (accredited investors) and members of our Advisory Board. 

  • To prepare for investor introductions and pitch, companies will collaborate with our analysts on a more complete Company Report. 

  • Once company report is complete, we will provide it to our full CTF Capital Network and schedule an introduction with interested investors.


Throughout this process, we will make introductions directly to other investor networks (e.g. Angels), when applicable. 


The purpose of the final report and the investor introductions is to provide accredited investors enough information and confidence to begin their own due diligence that will lead to an investment decision. (We do not endorse companies or provide investment advice. )

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